YOU make the 509
And we make the memories

Memories are Made at the Symphony and Fox Theater

In the heart of Spokane, the Symphony and the Fox Theater stand not just as landmarks, but as living memories that have shaped our community. On 509 Day, we come together to celebrate these cherished moments that resonate through the ages, uniting us across generations.

“Been going there since it was a premiere movie theater, then a 3 plex, then total disrepair. The complete makeover makes this one of the most beautiful venues on the west coast!”


For the Bugs Bunny at the Symphony Concert, my parents, my brother, and I all realized that we had separately purchased tickets, so we all ended up at the event together. We had my 4 year old niece and her grandpa all laughing at the same jokes and loving the music together. It spoke to me about how much the Symphony brings us all together.

Melinda Metro

“Climbing the Fox’s grand staircase as a child, I always imagined ‘This must be what Cinderella feels like when she goes to the ball.’ ”


“The Nutcracker with [my daughter] is one of my very favorite things about Christmas! Finding my own traditions as a Mom has been such a fun experience. We love to get to the theater early and look at all the beautiful decorations, grab a snowflake cookie and savor every second together. [She] is a lover of the ballet and ohhhs and ahhhs appropriate times. It really is the very best time together.”


“My family moved to Spokane when I was in middle school, and my dad said we was so excited to be in a city where he could take his kids to the Symphony. We went to the symphony every year as a family, and we still do to this day over a decade later.”


“Each year we pack a picnic and walk over to the park for the annual Spokane Symphony Labor Day concert at Comstock Park. It’s a wonderful way to see old friends, listen to beautiful music, and say goodby to another summer. Sometimes we are a big group but this year we were just Nana, Papa, and one sweet little 6-yr-old granddaughter and, as always, it was a lovely evening in every way. As we strolled home, I held more than a little girl’s hand. I also carried gratitude for the gift of exquisite music and the abundance of talented musicians in this city.”


“As a college student, being able to attend such concerts and listen to beautiful live music [through the college card] is quite inspirational and beneficial to my growth as a musician. I enjoy listening to such professional and talented musicians in such a welcoming environment. Thank you for the wonderful organization!”


“Every time I attend a concert I remark ‘I can’t believe how wonderful our symphony is, we are lucky to have them here’ I leave enriched as well as entertained. The selections for each performance and the input from the conductor make for a memorable evening time and time again.”


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As we reminisce, we also look forward. Your memories are a testament to the Symphony and Fox Theater’s impact on our lives. By giving to this cause, you ensure that future generations will continue to create memories just as fond as ours. Let’s keep the legacy alive—donate today and become a part of Spokane’s ongoing symphony of stories.

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