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Audience Entrances

The north audience entry is on Sprague Avenue.

The south audience entry is on 1st Avenue.

Sprague Avenue entrance is ADA compliant. Wheelchair patrons off-load on Monroe Avenue.

Seating Capacity

PLEASE NOTE: The default set up of the theater is with the stage extension in allowing for 1,594 seats. The stage extension can be removed, increasing the capacity to 1,707 seats, at an additional labor charge of $2,000 for removal prior to the show, and reinstallation at the end of the show, or with partial removal and restoration providing a capacity of 1,642 at a cost of $800 for removal and restoration.

ADA compliance seating

There is a total of 24 wheelchair seats with 1 companion seat for each. 12 are located in Row X on the Orchestra level. 8 seats are located behind the Loge in Row H and 4 on each side in Row G.

Swing Arm Chairs
are located in:

• Row K, seat numbers 11 and 30.
• Row M, seat numbers 1, 11, 32 and 42.

Technical Specs

Stage Technical Specs:

• Proscenium: 27’H X 51’10”W
• Curtain line to back wall: 24’6”
• Curtain line to front of apron without stage extension: 3’10”
• Curtain line to front of apron with stage extension: 19’10”
• Stage edge without extension to back wall: 27’ 6”
• Stage edge with extension to back wall: 42’6”
• Center stage to stage left wall: 42’3”
• Center stage to stage right wall: 42’ 6”
• Stage Height above main floor seating level: 3’

  • Southern yellow pine with a low-luster, medium stained finish. Acoustically engineered, resilient floor. Forklifts are not allowed on the stage floor.
  • Not sprung.
  • No stage traps or stage elevators.
  • Screwing and drilling into floor allowed only at the discretion of Fox Technical Director.
  • Half circle orchestra pit.
  • Pit cover brings pit to main floor seating level.
  • Stage extension on pit cover extends the stage by 15’ at stage level.
  • Pit width: 44’
  • Pit at widest point: 12’
  • Pit at narrowest point: 4’
  • Pit depth: 4’ 11” below stage level; 1’ 11” below seating level
  • Grand Drape: Crushed Velvet Olive Green 30’H x 60’W
  • Grand Valance: 9’H x 52’W
  • Midstage Black Velour 50% Fullness 30’H x 60’W
  • Black Sharkstooth Scrim 30’H x 60’W
  • White Filled Leno Scrim 30’H x 60’W
  • 4 Sets of Black Velour Legs and Borders, 0% Fullness
  • Dimensions: 27’H
  • Back wall 48’ Front 52’W,
  • Side walls nest in the wings, rear wall and ceilings fly
  • 32 Counterweighted line sets – 20 dedicated, 12 free
  • Lock rail location: Stage Right
  • Line sets – 4 electrics, 4 sets of legs and borders, 2 projection screens, scrim, cyclorama, 3 shell ceiling sections, black backdrop. Architectural drawings and line set schedules are available upon request.

Lighting & Sound:

  • (2) Lycian 1290 XLT Follow Spots
  • Console: ETC Ion with additional 24 channel fader wing
  • Dimmer locations:
    • (32) ceiling FOH
    • (24) box booms FOH
    • (18) Terrace Front FOH
    • (96) Onstage electrics and Shell ceilings
    • (6) Upstage right wall socket, (6) Downstage right wall socket




Box Booms


ETC Source Four 50°





ETC Source Four 36°





ETC Source Four 26°





ETC Source Four 19°





ETC Source Four 14°





ETC Source Four 10°





ETC Source Four 15°-30°





ETC Source Four PARNel





ETC Source Four PARs





Selecon 3 cell cyclorama lights





  • One 200 amp, 3-phase ground isolated Audio tie-in with cam-lock and bare wire connections, downstage right
  • Two 400 amp, 3-phase cam-lock tie-ins downstage right.
  • Epson Pro L1755UNL HD Projector, 15,000 Lumens with ELPLM15 Lens mounted on balcony rail
  • Draper Paragon 14’ by 26’ motorized front projection screen on Line Set 1
  • Da-Lite 20’ by 40’ front projection screen on Line Set 9

For further information contact:

  • Console: DiGiCo SD9 with 72 inputs and 32 outputs.
  • Main PA system: Meyer Leopard line array flown with 14 Mid-Hi cells per side and 3 ground stacked Meyer 1100-LFC per side in cardioid configuration. 5 Meyer Lina front fill speakers.
  • Monitors: (6) EAW sm200iH and (4) EAW UB82e stage monitors with 4 Crown XTi2000 amplifiers. Eight mixes available.
  • Production Intercom: Clearcom Party Line with radio interface, 2 Clearcom wireless headsets.
  • Paging: Lobby and Production areas.
  • Assisted Listening System: Listen Technologies RF system.
  • Remote location: Mix position orchestra level rear center. 8 seats removed when in use.

Back Stage:

  • 3 Guest Artists rooms each with toilet and shower on the South side of the theater.
  • 1 Conductor’s dressing room with toilet and shower on the South side of the theater ADA compliant.
  • 2 Group dressing rooms with restroom facilities, no showers, on the North Side of the theater. Capacity: 8 – 50. ADA compliant.
  • WiFi and hard line internet access available upon request.
  • From 1st Avenue. Nine steps down to the stage floor.

For further information contact:

  • Location: Stage right, off Sprague Avenue
  • One bay loading dock with electrical/communications ties. The ramp parallels the back wall of the theater to the loading area. Overall change in elevation is 4’. There is a hydraulic lift at its base for loading to and from the stage level. The ramp is equipped with a snow melting apparatus and is available in all types of weather.

  • Trucks are able to back into the loading area perpendicular to the back wall of the theater. There is an 8’ grade from truck to stage level with no hydraulic lift.
  • Loading door dimensions: Exterior roll-up door and interior double doors, 8’W X 10’H.
  • Shore power, 3 phase, 60 amp, bare wire tie-in at the west end of the loading dock.
  • Loading door dimensions: Exterior roll-up door and interior double doors, 8’W X 10’H

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