Spokane Symphony Chorale

The Spokane Symphony Chorale was established in 1955 as volunteer singers and musicians performing choral music in this region.


In 1978 the Chorale became an official entity of the Spokane Symphony. As part of the Spokane Symphony, they have performed a wide range of musical works with the orchestra, including Dvorak’s Te Deum, Verdi’s Requiem, Handel’s Messiah, Britten’s War Requiem, Mendelssohn’s Lobgesang, Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Mozart’s C Minor Mass, Berlioz’s Damnation of Faust, and Rachmaninoff’s The Bells. In addition, they have performed in numerous operas, including Verdi’s Rigoletto, Puccini’s La boheme, and Bizet’s Carmen.

The Chorale enjoys a dedicated volunteer base of over 80 singers from all across the metro Spokane area; including many who commute from Coeur d’Alene, Davenport, Sandpoint, Pullman, and many other locations. These musicians participate in the over 100 hours of volunteer rehearsal and performance time required for each concert season. The professions of these volunteers are varied and include music educators, church choir directors, opera and theater performers, doctors, nurses, realtors, salesmen, homemakers, and many others who come together to share a love of singing.

Every spring, the Chorale presents a concert to benefit the Symphony through the Cantabile chapter of Spokane Symphony Associates. These concerts provide a dedicated avenue for this magnificent ensemble to reach choral music lovers in the region as well as monetarily support the Symphony.

Chorale Members

Chorale Director: Dr. Meg Stohlmann
Pianist: John Conte
Piano Sub: Scott Rednour

*Section Leaders

Allison Wagstaff*
Wanda Alger
Trayci Ballin
Richelle Bronson
Millie Brumbaugh
Brenda Burger
Jessica Carlson
Anna Carparelli
Holly Chase
Katherine Cleveland
Sharon Fischer
Jennifer Garcia
Lise Hafso-Marks
Anne LaBella
Janet Lambarth
Stephanie Lauritzen
Amber Lawson
Anita Lewis
Claire Liezen
Karlee Ludwig
Sara Maleki
Brittany McEachran
Kimmy Meinecke
Maureen Miler
Kristen Nauditt
Lori Parisot
Carmyn Parks
Lisa Phillips
Rene Phillips
Grace Rowe
Judy Sawyer
Jennifer Snow
Becky Soth

Maria Stromberg*
Marcia Amend
Linda Besse
Rebecca Cheek
Jo Crandall
Paulina Crownhart
Kay Deffenbaugh
Dawn DeWitt
Sara Duggin
Brook Gehring
Jenna Gigstead
Kathryn Gordon
Jessica Hopf
Hailey Hughes
Amelia Kaufman
Esther Kelley
Jordyn Kernodle
Kathryn Kleypas
Jessica Knick
Natalie Marssdorf
Catherine Miller
Faith Mitchell
Heather Morton
Gretchen Ramey
Hannah Reiman
Kira Schwander
Michelle Scott
Salli Sledge
Mary Steenblik
Maggie Sullivan
Irene Supica
Alice Thomas
April L Thompson
Jennifer Traeger
Debbie Zimmerman

Brendan McEachran*
Micah Blauer
Mike Bullard
Trevor Bushnell
Justin Gray
Tim Kenagy
Bobbi Kizer
David Liezen
Isaac Miller
Frank Seidl
Logan Shevalier
Christian Skok
Jacob Smith
Brian Soth
Jim Swoboda
Brian Vaughn
Tom Williams

Ryan Gunn*
Alex Barclay
Adam Bartholomew
Brian Cheney
Brayden Dini
Dan Eyestone
Blaine Huizinga
Matthew Hurd
Kevin Jung
Cole Reiman
Aaron Rondeau
Bill Shea
Brent Stanyer
Paul Steenblik
John Stillman
Stephen Vigus
Scott Waples
Brent Wilcox
Chuck Zimmerman

Dr. Meg Stohlmann

Spokane Symphony Chorale Director

Dr. Meg Stohlmann is the director of choral and vocal studies at Gonzaga University where she conducts the Glee Club, Concert Choir and Chamber Singers. In addition, Meg also serves as the director of the Spokane Symphony Chorale.