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  • Carl M Hansen Foundation
  • E.S. Berquist Foundation
  • Doug and Gail Belanger
  • Joan Degerstrom
  • Michael Ebinger and Britt Ravnan
  • Paul and Sue Kennedy
  • Frank Knott
  • Russ and Deborah Lee
  • Jennifer and Dr. Philip Ogden
  • Gerry and Bill Sperling
  • Richard Trudell and Dr. Nancy Morrison

Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the growing list of friends who give generously to support the Spokane Symphony, Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox, and the Spokane Symphony & Fox Theater Endowment Fund. Donor listings reflect cumulative 12-month giving history. All donations for fiscal year 2022 —July 1st, 2021 – June 30th, 2022


▨  Denotes Sustaining Donor

◭  Denotes Endowment Donor

  Denotes Education Donor

◓  Denotes Special Projects Donor



US Small Business Administration



James P. Cowles
Anonymous ◓

Perfect Pitch


Avista Foundation
Helen and Leonard Byrne◓
David and Vernice Cohen
Joan Degerstrom
Hagan Foundation
Johnston-Fix Foundation
Washington Trust Bank◓

Platinum Baton


Doug and Gail Belanger
Kay Brightman
Clearwater Paper
Bruce and Sandy Colquhoun
Robert and Nancy Crotty
Sara Duggin
Michael Ebingerand Britt Ravnan
Patricia Gorman Ewers
Ann Fennessy and Robert Maixnerc
First Interstate Bank
Future Song Foundation
Robert E. Gibbs
The Heaton Family
I.S. and Emily Fetterman Foundation
Innovia Foundation
Frank Knott◭
Russell and Deborah Lee
Dr. William and Mary Murphy◭
Dian Nelsen
Barry and Kathy Rettkowski
Dr. Jeffery and Julia Snow
Norma Stejer*
The E. S. Bergquist Foundation
Ms. Phebe Thompson
John and Ellen Williams

Gold Baton


John and Christeena Blasen ▨
Dr. Bassem Bejjani ◭
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation ◓
Elisabeth H. Buxton
Carl M Hansen Foundation
Mary Ruth Carleton and Bruce Hunt
Amy Chase
Carolyn Clark
Elizabeth A. Cowles and James L. Meyer
Stacey and Anne Cowles
Harold Fix 
Jay L. Franz
Mike and Vicki Frucci
Dr. George and Lila Girvin
Ron and Carolyn Gooley ▨
Hal Hunt and Claudia Smith
Idaho Central Credit Union Irwin Family Fund, DAF of Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Arsen and Daria Kitch
Dr. and Mrs. R.N. Kleaveland
Doug and Janet Lambarth
Sara Maleki
Danko and Dubravka Martincic
Carol and W Bruce Nelson
Nicholas* and Mildred Ninos 
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Jennifer Ogden
Otto and Denny Schatz
Jerry Searfoss
Michael and Lori Sharapata
Grant and Lelia Smith
Gerry and Bill Sperling
Lori Steiner ▨
Richard Trudell and Dr. Nancy Morrison
Dr. Francisco R. and Mary J. Velázquez
Lyle and Kathy Wendling
Peter and Karen Wildman
Mr. Joe Organick and Dr. Karen Wohlen
Neil and Dawn Worrall
In Memory of Sandra Thompson-Irwin and Hampton Irwin
Anonymous (2)

Maestro’s Circle


Rev. Dr. George and Jan Abrams ▨
American Graphics Installations, Inc.
Sally and Walter Bonsack
Frances H. Brewer ◭
Drs. Colleen Carey and Arnold Cohen
Nancybell Coe
Ashlee Cribb and Walter Woliver
Douglas Griffith
Valerie and Albert Hughes
Elizabeth Kelley
Jack and Felicia Kendall
Bill Kingman
Don and Charlotte Lamp
Drs. Pierre P. Leimgruber and Alina I. Peffer ◓
Spike Lynch
Greg MacDonald and Nancy Evans
Susan C. Mattoon
Ronald McIntire
William and Paula Nelson ▨
Deralyn and Del Nord
Susan Nunes
Pierce Charitable Trust
Jerry Rosen
Gilbert and Beth Rossing
A. W. and Vivian Louise Saylor ◭
Donald Schaefer
Ginny Schuyler
Ruth K. Seignemartin
Bernard Sheldon and Mary Jane Corliss
Keith Slater
Marcia M. Smith
Connie M. Stacey
Estate of Jean and J. Herman Swartz ◭
Kathryn L. Tolin and Bruce A. Bailey
Joe Wessman and Dr. Debbie Maurus 

Encore Society


Tom and Helen Allerding
Joan and John Anderson
L. Armstrong
Dr. Wayne L. Attwood
John and Sindra Barber
James and Nancy Barthelmess
Cary and Kay Bass
Judy Belous
Kathy and Bruce Bixler
James D. Cornwall
and Bryan Boughten
Richard and Maureen Boutz
Diane Duggan Bowers
Kent R. Burnham ▨
Michael and Anne Chamberlain
Commercial Creamery Company
Roger and Judy Cooke
William and Cynthia Corrick
Karen J. Creveling-Hughes
and Joel A. Hughes
Randy and Linda Crowe
Larry Davis and
Eldonna Shaw-Davis ▨
Martin and Betty Deeg
Lee C. Dominey
Sandra Duffy
Pauline Eggleston
John Eisenhauer, Jr.
and Jil Strate ▨
Jane Ellsworth
and William Conable ▨
David and Sara Ensor
Matt Ewers
Carla and Tom Fawcett
Carole and Mike Folsom
Fosseen Foundation
Erle and Caren Furbeyre
Leda Goldsmith
John Mendel*
and Judy Grollmus ▨
Don and Janet Hart
Faith Hayflich and Charlie
Dr. Michael
and Cathy Henneberry
Doug Herrman
Gary and Barbara Hordemann
Lori and Dan Houk
Robert and Lois Iller
Janet and Robert Johnson
Dr. Stephen Johnson
Vicki K. Jorgens
Ms. Linda Josephson
Dr. Thomas A. Kearney
and Sharon Fischer ▨
Steven and Susan Kelsch
Nancy Ross Kennedy
Selena and Miles Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kernerman ◓
Cheryl D. Kingen
Phil and Carol Kowzan
Max J. Kuney Company
Steve and Kris Lamberson
Anne Lauderbaugh
Dr. Robert and Marilyn Laugen ▨
Dr. Frederick and
Catherine Lauritsen
Donald and Haideh Lightfoot
Louis S.* and
Margery L.* Livingston
Betty Lukins
Tom and Anna Mahony
Charles and Tina McElligott
Kip McKeever
Marie McMahon
Colleen and Jacob Meighan
Kathleen L. Meyer
Rita and Ron Mickelson
Virginia and John Moody
Joel and Joy Moore
Lindsay Morgan
and Timothy Bristow
Dan Muhm and Cathy Nemmert
Mike and Muffy Murphy
Elaine Myers
Joseph and Alison Nowakowski
Carla M. Nuxoll
H. Laird and Shawna Parry
Carla O. Peperzak
Paul and Bridget Piper
M. Patricia Price
Lunell Haught and Robert Pyle
Dick and Trudy Raymond
Dr. and Mrs. Terry A. Reed
Lois C. RichardsSharlene Rivers ▨
Rockwood Retirement
Michael and Susan Rudd
SAH Fund for the Arts
Tom and Mary Pat Schemmel ▨
David A. Seamans
Dr. Sam and Rosemary Selinger
Douglas and Laurel Siddoway
Bill Simer and Renee Rolando ◓
Gerald and Patricia Sittser
Sheila Sloan
Larry and Bev Stanley
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Steury
Amy and Patrick Sullivan
Steve and Linda Swartley
Patrick and Diane Thomas
Tom and Glea Trulove
Walker Construction, Inc.
Ed and Amy Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Weeks
Julie Wells
Dr. Curtis and Nancy Wickre
Jan Wigen and Larry Ellingson
John and Sheree Wilkinson
Peter and Gay Witherspoon
Douglas and Carol Wysham
Anonymous (2)

First Chair Society


Gail and Dex Amend
John Anderson and Alberta Brassfield
Ron and Ann Bailor
Judy and Doug Beane
Dr. Michael and Virginia Berg ▨
Lorean Boornazian
Mark and Sharon Bowman
Dave Broom
Krista Brown
Catherine Burroughs
William and Judy Camden
Barb and Mike Cantlon
Bridget and P.J. Carstens
Jana Sue Carter
Pat and Nancy Chase
Martin and Laura Col
Mike and Ellena Conway
Lou Corones
Megan Cox
Rodney and Darlene Croteau
Michael Cunningham, M.D.
Virgil and Lyn Dedas
Diane DeFelice and David Nelson
Kevin and Kay Dixon
Steve and Debra Duvoisin
Thomas and Patricia Fairchild
Dr. Robert Farner
Peter and Susan FernGerard Fischer
Art and Nancy Flagan
Anne Franke and Michael West
Paul and Shirley Galli
Richard and Judith Gammon
Keith Gehr
Dr. Robert and Meryl Gersh
Shayne and Kristin Goff
Mike* and Kathy Golden
Don and Janet Gorman
Suzanne J. Grainger
Norine and Guy Gregory
Terri Gruber
Michael and Mary Haberman ▨
George Halekas and Patricia
Betsy and Doug Hammond
Arthur Harlow and Mary Giannini
Kevin and Ann Harrang
Carol Haugen
Mary Heath
The Hendershot Family
Charitable Fund
Joe and Sharon Hindman
Bob Hustrulid
Jim and Sandy Ivers
Bill and Debbie Jennison
Bruce and Maxine Johnson
Melodee Jones and Robert Hyslop
Thomas L. Kasson
Judy Kelsch ▨Peggy and Steve Koehler
Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan
Kathy Kramer
James Kuhns
Bill and Pat Lamphere
Dr. Andre and Kathy LaSalle
Martha and William Lee
Edward and Kay Lester
Gary Matthews and Nancy Mahoney
Janet and Paul Mann
Malcolm Manwell
Janie McCaslin ▨
Dave and Bobbie McGann
Jeta P. McKillip
Christine Meier
Patricia Meyers
Maureen Miller and Thomas Tamm
Larry and Linda Milsow
Correen Morrill
Gary and Cynthia Munson
Eric Nelson and Laura Bethke
Jo Ann and K. V. Nelson
Lois Neswick
Northwest Farm Credit Services
LeRoy and Brenda Nosbaum
Donald and Marion Oakley
Ric and Kay Odegard
Jean and Kenneth Roberts
Doug Orr
Georgene R. Patten
Laurie Pierson
Dr. Lucretia L. Pladera
Caryl Poshusta
George and Virginia Potts
Harley and Melanie Reckord
Joe and Pam Ridlington
John and Shirley Riley
Dave and Millicent Roberts
Carole L. Rolando and Michael J. Myers
Mary Alice Rothweiler
Nancy Rothwell
Jack Russell
Dr. Judith Schoepflin ◭
Fred and Lyn Sleator
Earl C. Smith
Eric and Heidi Smith
Sally Winkle ▨
Fred and Karen Stahl
Pete and Denise Stanton
Brent Stanyer
Lee Stone
Al and Bernie Toutant
Steve and Carol Vigus
Gavin and Lorraine Vilander
Wagstaff, Inc.
Frank and Billie Watson ▨
Denny and Grace Watt
Todd and Christine Weaver
John and Joan Weekes
Arnold and Kathleen Weinman
Ruth and Dan Wimberly
Mary Wissink
Ms. Carol Worthington-Borodin and David Borodin ▨
Annis G. Young
Elin Zander
Anonymous (2)

Inner Circle


Deral and Carol Adams
Alyssa and Bryan Agee
Linda Alexander
Mark Alfino
Roger and Sandra Anderson
Jack and Jan Arkills
Zach and Sim Arms ▨
Karen J. Bart
Mr. Frank Beattie
Virginia Belsheim
Hank and Kay Benson
Dr. Julie and Mr. Rick Biggerstaff
Larry and Marge Billin
Ladd Bjorneby
Dorothy Detlor and Robert Blair
Carol Blume
Bill and Kate Bradley
Daniel and Susan Bresnahan
Richard and Theresa Brim
Kay Broweleit
Neal BuckalooWard and Cherie Buckingham
Dr. Robert and Mary Elizabeth
Burroughs Family Fund at Innovia
Charles and Margaret Carleton
Curtis and Margaret Chambers
Joe Chrastil and Jean Ingebritsen
Tom and Lynn Colosimo
Stephen Colvin
Jim and Patty Conaty
Keith Congleton and Kathy Hubbard
Matthew and Nicole Daley
Elizabeth Kay Davis
Dr. John J. Demakas and Ann M. Byers
Dawn Dively
Michael and Marlene Dixon
Connie Dunphy and Rick Fredericksen
Sherry L. Ennis
Jacqueline Fanning
Heidi and Ken Farr
Karl and Suzanne Fleming
Pat Freeman ▨
Friday Musical Club
Hope Fulwiler
Jim and Jo Ann Gooley
Joe Felice and Ann Gorman
Mark and Mary Sue Gorski ▨
Bryn-Erinn Gourley
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gower
Kelly Grieves
Frank Harrill
Patty Harrison ▨
Valarie Hartield
Dr. Mike and Christie Hinnen
Suzanne W. Hoyle
Dan and Mary Hughes
M.J. and Richard Hungate
Golie Jansen
and Frederick Schrumpf
Jacob’s Java
Ron and Cynthia Johnson
Tom and Ruth Ann Johnson
Keith and Pam Kager
Shari A. Kain
Dr. Ken and Marie Kapstafer
Ken and Tina Kaul
Jim and Carol Kershner
John and Gudrun Klim
Shelly Kuney
Nancye Lahue
Sean LaSalle
Betty and Ian Ledlin
Mel and Sheila Leskinen
KNona Liddell, Ph.D.
Frances Light
Ron and Judy Lugone
Dave Lundgren
Amy and Robert Lutz
Mike Lynch
Colleen Mahoney
Cynthia and Kyle Malmquist
Allen Mann
Dean Markovics
Jane and Paul Martin
Scott and Barbara McArthur ▨
Kerry and Art McGinn
Michael and Ingrid McKim
Medtronic Foundation
Volunteer Grant Program
Blaine Metting and
Ann McLaughlin-Metting
Ielleen Miller
John R. and Solveig L. Miller
Kirsi Morelan
Patricia B. Morgan
Susan M. Morris
Katherine V. Myers
NAC Architecture ◓
Jeff and Eileen Nave
Ben and Jo Ann Nielsen
Leonard A. Oakland ▨
Gregory Olson ▨
John and Diane Packard
Susan and Jim Palm
Marion and James Park
Dr. John and Ashley Peterson
Steve and Charmaine Peterson
Chuck and Donna Pierce
Linda and Robert Pool
Kathryn Quinn
Pamela Randolph
Janet Rea
Mary Lou ReedSusan L. Richardson
Ray and Marilyn Riches
Bruce and Susan Ridley
Dee and John Rodgers
Craig and Valerie Rongey
Dr. Guillermo and Alyce Rubio
Tom Sahlberg
Cheryl A. Sampson
Robert Scheidmer
Eberhard and Susie Schmidt
Dr. George Schneider
Nancy and James Schoepflin
Dr. J. Paul and Sharma Shields
Steven and Pam Silverstein
Jan and Bob Simpson
Linda Siverts and Tony Yuen
Richard and Jannan Slabaugh
Paul Slaughter
Peggy Springer ▨
Sharon and Dorothy* Stangler
William Sterling
Elizabeth Stewart
Scott and Nancy Stowell
Sharon M. Straub
Blair and Susan Strong
Cathy Thompson
Michelle and Bryan Tompkins
Marcia and Lloyd Tunik
Debra Van Slyke
Harriet and Sam* Van Wyck
Cheryl and Royce Van Gerpen
Doug Vilhauer and Bobbie Domonouski
Wallace and Lynn Volwiler
Allison Wagstaff
Nick and Karen Warrick
Daniel Yang and
Jeannette Wee-Yang
Anne Claire and Z. Harry Whitley
Larry and Mary Ann Winters ▨
Anonymous (2)
Anonymous(5) ◭

Overture Society


Pamela Abernathy
Jeanne L. Ager
Matt and Eleanor Andersen
Terry Arai
Laura Arksey
Cathy Armacost
Barbara Augusta
Beverly Austin
David and Heidi Austin
Everett Bailey
Adrienne Banas
Maria Barac
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Basinger
Justin Bastow
Nick and Sue Ann Beamer
Mary BenhamKathleen W. Bentley
Lynn and Clayton Bergman
Nancy Biggerstaff ▨
Nancy Bijok
Brad W. Blegen
Karl Bold
Ken Otteman and Amaryllis Bolster-Otteman
William* and Marcia Bond
Flora Bowers
Rachel and Joseph Brabeck
Laura Bradford
Linda Bradley
Herb and Hilda Bradshaw
Karin Brocksbank
Gary and Diane Buckley in memory of Elizabeth “Liz” Burroughs
Susan and David Bunting
Judi Calvert
Ellen Carpenter
Sharon Carson
Thomas C. Caswell
Julie Celeberti
Rob Chaney
Judy Chastain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Clapp
Margaret W. Clark
Paula Cleanthous
Karen Conlin, SNJM
Janelle and Danny Cordero
Ronda CordillSara and Pat Coyne
Carol Currie-Hannah
Mike and Becky Dahlager
Stuart Daily
Dana Dalrymple
Tom and Georgia Davis
Liz De Niro and Paul Swetik
Julie and Frank Delis
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Dentler
Dale and Christy deViveiros
Michael Robinson and Jacquelyn Dibble-Robinson
Dick and Sherrill Dietz
Hal and Carolyn Ellis
Margaret and Michael Ennis
Ceanne Evans
Ruth Anne Fealk
G. Stanley and Joan* Fergin
Donna Fields
Margot Fitzgerald
Wendy Flanagan
Michael Flannery and Dean Lynch
Douglas Flegel
Lawton Fox and Melissa Madsen
Susan D. Frankovich
Lisa Freeland
Cherie and Fred Galusha
Jack and Qun Gambill
Karen Gendron and Dean Kiefer
Michael and Lupe Gilmartin
Ernie and Venera Gilmour
Margaret Goglia
Gilbert and Yvonne Goodwater
Willie Graf
Deborah Graul
Dr. Jody Graves, DMA
William and Linda Greene
Dorothy L. Greer
Karl Grotenhuis
Katherine Hakes
Lorraine and Harley Halverson
Ray and Judy Hamel
Douglas Hammerstrom
Wade and Lin Hampton
Molly Hannan
Helen Hansen ◭
Lucille Hanson ▨
James and Sheila Harless
Kathryn Harmon and John Harmon
Cynthia and Michael Hauser
William and Nancy Hawley
Marlene Herby
Alison Highberger and Dan Weig
Sonya Hintz
Ruth and Peter Hinz
Doris Holdaway
Norma E. Hols
Dr. Halford and Kathryn Holte
Linda and Roy Hooten
Amanda Hopper
Bruce and Debra Howard
Melissa Hudson
Mary and Richard Hungate
Mr. Klaus Huschke
Priscilla Ice
E Imsland
Integrated Rehabilitation Group
Roberta Jackson ▨
Jean Jalufka
James Jarrett
Gary and Suzanne Jespersen
Keith and Janet Johnson
Brian Jonas
Blue Moon Garden & Nursery
Johanna Julyan
Diane L. Kelly
Dan and Nancy Kessler
Sheryl and Scott Kinder-Pyle
Chuck and Joan King
Geoffrey King
Scott Kinzer
William and Anne Kirchner
Peter and Joann Klager
Catherine Kohut
Diana Koorkanian-Sauders ▨
Gerald Krumbholz ▨
Elena Ladich
Mike and Myrta Ladich
Consuelo Larrabee
Victoria C. Lawrence
Ed and Jann Leppien
Victoria and John Leuba
Anita and Jon Lewis
Gary Livingston in memory of Amanda Livingston
Jon Louis
Kerm and Holly Love
Sharlene Lundal
Del and Eva Lusk
John and Keirsten Lyons
Dr. Dave and Merry Maccini
Nancy MacKerrow
Todd Maddock
Nancy Madison*
James and Susan Malm ▨
Daniel Malone
James and Julia Mangan
Shirley Marpe
John Marshall and Lynne Feller-Marshall ▨
Daralyn Mattei
V.A. Maxwell
Andrew McConnell
Carolyn McConnell
Nancy McKay
Donna McMackin
Bill and Reneé McMahon
Sean McMahon
Don and Marilyn McNally
Marlys Meece
Richard and Carol Melin
Joan Menzies
Timothy and Phyllis Meyer
John and Sue Middaugh
Jason and Anne Miller
Marjorie Mitchell and Judy Broveman
Elizabeth F. Monahan
Emery Monthei
Jan Moorefield
Barbara and William Morkill
Anita Morphy-Becker*
Robert* and Bonnie Morrow
Peggy Morse
Camilla Mounts
Bill and Susan Mulvihill
Jeff Mumford
Jeanine and Frank Neeri
June Negovan
Carol and Pete O’Brien
James O’Halloran
Bruce Oppenhagen
Dan and Susan Ott
Beth Palmer
Robert and Jean Panther
Loretta Parisot
Katie Park
Susan Peirone
Matt and Nell Petri
M.A. Phillips
Evelyn Polando
Betty and Mike Pontarolo
Greg and Margaret Presley
Jim and Ann Price
Fred and Muriel Radebaugh
Elizabeth Rader
Rachel Reisenauer ▨
Douglas and Kathleen Rivard
Jerry Robinson
Kirsten Robinson
Richard Rosman and Fran Morris Rosman
Karen Russell
Linda Sanford
Jonathan Schildcrout
Sean Schilke
Sandy Schilling
Kathryn and Stephen Schrader
James Schramm
Stephen Scott
Richard and Helen Ann Shanley in memory of Wendal and Virginia Jones
Susan and Spencer Shaw
Garry Shea
Bill Shugg
Eric and Gaye Shumaker
Robert Sieg
Bob and Pat Skattum
Salli and Jim Sledge
William H. and Pamela Small
Gregory Smith
Samuel Smith
The Art Spirit Gallery Inc
Spokane Music Teachers Association
John StackowRichard and Karen Steele
Marisa Stone
Daniel Studer
Joanne Swierzy and
Richard Strehlau
Doug and Theresa Tesarik
James Tevenan
Mrs. Beverly I. Thamm
Phyllis Thayer
Mary Thogersen
Alice Thomas
Judith and Gerald Titus
Katherine Titus
David Townsend
Marilyn Trail
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trail
Maria Trunkenbolz
Barbara May Tuttle
Sally Van Dusen
Gary and Vicki Van Heuvelen
Darlyne Lamb ▨
Grace Warner
Greg and Kay Weeks
Pam and Robert Weigand
Douglas Wester
Steven L. Whiteside ◭
Brent and Sue Wilcox
Burma and Richard Williams
Tom and Carol Williams
NancyAl Woolley
Charlotte and Peter Yocom
Judi and Donald Young
Dr. Hershel Zellman and Dr. Mary Noble
Anonymous (3)

Staccato Society


Amy Abendroth
Virginia Ailes
David Anderson
Beth Bakulich
Nina Beegle
Charles Best
Jane and Mark Bitz Family Fund
Cappy Bond
Roger and Mary Ann Bosky
Sherri Boutain
Jane A. Bowen
Rodney and Barbara Bradt
Jeanette Brenner
Julie Brunette
Mary and Lawrence Bryan
Brandon Carro
Lea Casita
Mary Cayson
Donald Chadbourne
Bob* and Sandy Compton
Chris Corigliano
Richard Cripe
Jonathan Daniels
David Davis
Audrey Debow
Becky Dederer
David Dierdorff
Alice Dunlap
Dennis and Gretchen Eaker
Loi Eberle
Gary Edighoffer
David and Rebecca Egger
Pamela Elkind
JA Emerson
Kathleen McMakin in memory of Jacquie Gramlow
Blake Folden
Diane Fontana
Glacier Employee Association
Steve and Linda Goodner
Nancy Griswold
Delaine Gruber
Kathy Heffernan
Jean Hodges
Ellen Hoffman
Gary and Sharon Holmes
Carla Holt
Dennis and Jill Houchin
Kristin Houle
Haley Hubbard
David Huey
Kirk Jackson
Lee Jackson
Grace James

Musical Legacy Society

*Lucille Elizabeth Allert
*Dr. Arthur F. Noskowaik
Walter and Sally Bonsack
Dave and *Mary Jane Broom
Elisabeth H. Buxton
Helen and Leonard Byrne
Judith Chastain
The Estate of *Firth and *Katherine Chew
Carolyn Clark
Nancybell Coe
Martin and Laura Col
Mary Jane Corliss
*Arthur B. and Joan G. Craig
Lori and Lawrence Cullen
Diane DeFelice and David Nelson
Michael Ebinger and Britt Ravnan
Mr. Kevin W. Epps
Gerard Fischer
William C. and *Harriet J. Fix
Estate of *Sue and *Patrick Flammia
Michael Flannery and Dean Lynch
Carole and Michael Folsom
Llyod G. Flower and *DeLane Fowler
*Bernard and Anne Fox
Anne Franke and Michael West
Jay L. Franz
Ron and Carolyn Gooley
*Jeanette Harras
Janet and Don Hart
*Edward Heavner Estate
Dr. Michael and Cathy
Estate of *Margaret A. Hinnenkamp
Ann Hurst and Charles Latimer
*Wendal and *Virgina Jones
Dr. *Robert and Jean Kendall
Paul and Susan Kennedy
Estates of Lyman V.
and Cora V. Kinard
Frank Knott
*Sherry Knott
James Kuhns
Janet Lambarth
Martha and William Lee
*Louis S. and *Margery Livingston
Lura V. Whitham Estate
Spike and *Molly Lynch
Joel and Joy Moore
*Beverly Neraas
Estate of *Mary Olsen
Estate of *Robert Ogden
John Patrouch and Linda Jean Hartman
*Al and Pat Payne
Ruth S.H. Pearson
*John A. and *Janet F. Peterson
Paul and Bridget Piper
Lucretia L. Pladera
Lynne and Ben Ridlon
V. Louise Saylor
Billie M. Severtsen
Garry T. Shea
Charles and Cathy Simon
*Richard and Connie Stacey
*Jean and *J. Herman Swartz
Pat and Kirk Thomas
Ms. Phebe Thompson
*Betty Barker Tiffany
Dr. Darlene A. Townsend
Richard W. Trudell and *C. Darlene Trudell
Harriet and *Sam Van Wyck
Daniel and Jeannette Wee Yang
*Elizabeth M. Welty, M.D.
*Patricia Wenke
Jan Wigen and Larry Ellingson
Dan and Ruth Wimberly Trust
Anonymous (3)


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The Spokane Symphony is a non-profit organization that relies on donor support to share powerful performances, enriching education programs, and enduring community partnerships with music-lovers across the PNW. For more information, read out latest annual report.

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