Stage Dimensions:

  • Proscenium: 27’H X 51’10”W
  • Curtain line to back wall: 24’6”
  • Curtain line to front of apron without stage extension: 3’10”
  • Curtain line to front of apron with stage extension: 19’10”
  • Stage edge without extension to back wall: 27’ 6”
  • Stage edge with extension to back wall: 42’6”
  • Center stage to stage left wall: 42’3”
  • Center stage to stage right wall: 42’ 6”
  • Stage Height above main floor seating level: 3’

Stage Floor:

  • Southern yellow pine with a low-luster, medium stained finish. Acoustically engineered, resilient floor. Forklifts are not allowed on the stage floor.
  • Not sprung.
  • No stage traps or stage elevators.
  • Screwing and drilling into floor allowed only at the discretion of Fox Technical Director.


  • Half circle orchestra pit.
  • Pit cover brings pit to main floor seating level. 
  • Stage extension on pit cover extends the stage by 15’ at stage level.
  • Pit width: 44’
  • Pit at widest point: 12’
  • Pit at narrowest point: 4’
  • Pit depth: 4’ 11” below stage level; 1’ 11” below seating level

Stage drapes:

  • Grand Drape: Crushed Velvet Olive Green 30’H x 60’W
  • Grand Valance: 9’H x 52’W
  • Midstage Black Velour 50% Fullness 30’H x 60’W
  • Black Sharkstooth Scrim 30’H x 60’W
  • White Filled Leno Scrim 30’H x 60’W
  • 4 Sets of Black Velour Legs and Borders, 0% Fullness 


Acoustical Shell and Ceiling:

  • Dimensions: 27’H 
  • Back wall 48’ Front 52’W,
  • Side walls nest in the wings, rear wall and ceilings fly


Gridiron and Rigging:

  • 32 Counterweighted line sets - 19 dedicated, 13 free
  • Lock rail location: Stage Right
  • Line sets - 4 electrics, 4 sets of legs and borders, projection screen, scrim, cyclorama, 3 shell ceiling sections, black backdrop. Architectural drawings and line set schedules are available upon request.


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Theater Stage
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