The Fox Theater is an art deco theater originally opened in 1931 and preserved on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in the lively entertainment district of Downtown Spokane, it is the perfect place to come for the music and shows then stay for the ambiance of the various restaurants, bars, and more that Downtown Spokane has to offer.

At the Performance

Most of the Spokane Symphony concerts are held at The Fox Theater which is located at:

1001 N Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA, 99201

Aside from the Fox theater, the Spokane Symphony performs in various community parks and venues.

As of March 2022, masks, vaccinations, and COVID testing are not required to attend any Spokane Symphony shows. 

For other shows hosted at the Fox Theater, masks and COVID policies are dependent on the organizers/artists independent policies. Please refer to individual event pages for updated COVID policies for any non-Spokane Symphony show.

The best seats might be in different places based on the experience you are looking for. If you want to be up-close and personal with the performers, then your best bet is going to be on the floor. If you want to take in the entire stage, some of the best seats are in the loge. The acoustics at The Fox Theater are outstanding whether you are on the floor, in the loge, or seated in the balcony.

The Spokane Symphony and Fox Theater provide a sophisticated musical experience, without a sophisticated dress code. While some people enjoy the chance to dress up for a night or to meet a theme, others may prefer to be comfortable while they enjoy the show. It is important to have an experience that is right for you, so you may dress however you feel best suits you.

To allow yourself time to park and get situated before the show, we would recommend arriving 45-60 minutes before the start of the concert. This gives you time to find a great parking spot, enter the theater, get a drink at the bar, find your seat, and enjoy the Art Deco beauty of The Fox Theater. Doors open between an hour and an hour and a half before the performance depending on the concert. Be sure to check your performance website page or information on your ticket.

It is easier for you and everyone else when it is not during a fantastic musical arrangement! Latecomers will be let in at the discretion of house management. This may mean waiting until a piece is completed to enter. Those who may need to leave before the end of the program are asked to do so between pieces so that others are not disturbed. 

Each show differs in length. We list concert duration on the website for all Masterworks and Pops performances. 

While we know how great it is to record and keep our favorite memories in our phones, we do not allow audio or video recording of any kind during Spokane Symphony concerts. Snapping a non-flash picture or two before or between pieces is perfectly fine, but only if you tag us on social media @spokanesymphony. We want to see all the great photos you have of our beautiful theater (just no videos). 

At other concerts at The Fox, feel free to snap, record and share all you want! Make sure you tag us @foxtheaterspokane

Well, the rituals around applause changed over time. In Mozart’s day, the audience was rather rowdy—clapping, talking, and even shouting during the performance. Sometime in the 20th century, this changed, and audiences clapped only at the end of the entire piece of music. (And then clapped for a long time.) This is still the convention today at most orchestras around the world, though our policy is if you have an emotional reaction to the music and need to express it, do it. The musicians are playing their hearts out for you, and your applause means everything to them.

Lucky for you, we have a great way for you to learn about the music from the Conductor himself. Every Thursday at noon before a Masterworks weekend that he’s conducting, Music Director James Lowe gives you the “LoweDown” on the music. It’s a free, fascinating and light hearted talk about the music – including historical context and meaning, juicy gossip about the composers’ lives, along with music clips, visuals and our conductor’s quick wit! James invites a musician from the orchestra to demonstrate an aspect of the music and join in the Q&A session at the end of the hour. 

More about the LoweDown


Yes!  For all Masterworks and Pops concerts we will have a digital program and a handout at the performance. We encourage you to go to the website and read all about your performance before you come to the show!  It’s a great way to learn about the music and composers. The program will also be sent to you through email the week of the performance.

Getting Here and Parking

The Fox Theater lies in the heart of the Downtown Spokane entertainment industry, so there are multiple routes that can be taken to get here through various methods.

Coming from I-90 and the south: 

      • Take exit 280B and merge onto S Lincoln St.
      • In half a mile, turn left onto Sprague Ave
      • Theater will be on the left in one block

Coming from the North: 

      • Cross the Monroe St. Bridge heading south.
      • Turn right onto Sprague Ave.
      • Theater will be on the immediate left-hand side.

In a central location, and only 2 blocks away from the STA Plaza, there are various bus routes that are able to drop you off within walking distance of the theater.

Nearby bus stations:

      • Lincoln @ Sprague
        • 3 Minute Walk from the Fox Theater
        • Bus lines that go through this station: 6, 20, 43, 60, 61
      • Bank of America
        • 8 Minute Walk from the Fox Theater
        • Bus lines that go through this station: 21, 22, 124
      • Sprague @ Stevens
        • 8 Minute Walk from the Fox Theater
        • Bus lines that go through this station: 4, 26, 28, 29, 45
      • 5th @ Jefferson
        • 11 Minute Walk from the Fox Theater
        • Bus lines that go through this station: 42
      • Stevens @ Main
        • 11 Minute Walk from the Fox Theater
        • Bus lines that go through this station: 25, 27, 39

 ***Coming soon: New bus stops are being built in easy and convenient locations right next to the north entrance doors of the Fox Theater on Sprague Ave and the south side on 1st Ave. 

Lime Scooters: During the warmer summer months, bright green Lime Scooters scatter around the streets as an easy and quick way to get from one place to another. Need to park far away? Hop on a lime scooter and save yourself the time and energy needed to walk the distance. Usually available from March-November.

Ride share (Uber and Lyft): Like many other cities, an easy way to get around without a car and without taking public transportation is through rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. You can get to the Fox theater easily and in great time. Drop off zones are located right in front of the entrance doors for quick access.

While we know that parking in our vibrant, active neighborhood can be a challenge, we work hard to make parking as easy as possible for our audiences at the Fox Theater. Pricing on city streets and parking lots are not controlled by the Fox Theater and are subject to change at any time. Please arrive early to give time to find parking and make up for traffic slowdowns.

Metered Street Parking: 

Monday-Saturday, payment is required after 8am and not required after 7pm. Metered parking is free on Sundays. 

Other nearby parking options:

      • 1 Block from Theater:
        • Davenport Hotel Garage – Post and First
        • Friendly Parking – at First and Monroe
        • Parking West Garage (Spokane Club) – at Sprague and Madison
      • 2 Blocks from Theater:
        • Lincoln Building – on Lincoln between Riverside and Main
      • 3 Blocks from Theater:
        • River Park Square Garage –  at Post and Spokane Falls
        • SteamPlant – Free validation with purchase of dinner
      • 4 Blocks from Theater:
        • Diamon Lot – on West Maon, adjacent to the Masonic Temple – Self-serve

Can’t find the answers you are looking for?

Our helpful box office is just a phone call away!


Hours: Monday through Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm
1001 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA, 99201