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Spokane Symphony @ Home: Overtones Episode 3 - Individualism

Spokane Symphony @ Home: Overtones Episode 3 - Individualism

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Episode 3  - Individualism


This episode explores the difference between being an individual and being part of society. A musician is trained to be a soloist and to be part of an orchestra. How does “individualism” fit into today’s worldview? Haydn’s Symphony No. 8 (Le Soir) spotlights individual musicians, while Mozart’s Symphony No. 33 blends instruments more into the whole.  James Lowe talks to two orchestra members about what it’s like to play in a group, versus expressing greater individuality. Harpist Earecka Tregenza will discuss her role as harpist in Mahler’s Adagietto, and Spokane Falls Community College Philosophy Department Chair, Britni Weaver, has a conversation with James about individualism and its evolution and impact on the way we see the world.

Thank you to our Spring series season sponsors: Paul and Sue Kennedy and Joan Degerstrom


About "Overtones: Connecting Music, Art & Science"

The Spokane Symphony @ Home spring concerts are 90-minute episodes of music and more!  Each of the five concerts has a theme that Music Director James Lowe will explore through music and other disciplines. Episodes will include short video segments of James Lowe chatting with orchestra musicians about their backgrounds and thoughts about classical music, plus conversations with some of the most engaging experts in the Inland Northwest on a variety of topics related to the themes.

Spokane Symphony Music Director James Lowe says “I have always been fascinated with how the same ideas find expression in different ways, but I never found a way to explore those overlapping ideas.  After all, we tend to only see paintings in galleries, and hear symphonies in concert halls. That has now changed. The enforced isolation of the Covid era actually allows us to explore these ideas digitally, and that’s what our on demand concert series will do.” 

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